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A Polish telecoms company seeks startups with innovative e-commerce solutions

The largest Polish telecoms company is running an accelerator program and seeking Finnish startups providing innovative solutions for e-commerce.
The company has 14.4 million mobile customers and annual revenues of EUR 2,7 billion. Selected Finnish companies will be invited to present their solution to the company and receive access to:

  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • Consumer research
  • Extensive sales network
  • Consultation with mentors and experts
  • Free of charge access to the R&D center
The acceleration process will result in the implementation of the successful Finnish candidate’s solutions.

Over 50% of Polish internet consumers are e-commerce buyers, whose buying habits are changing continuously. In order to stay competitive, the Polish telecoms company is seeking solutions that will increase the sales of products and services in an omnichannel e-commerce environment  with a particular focus on mobile users.

The Polish telecoms company seeks start-ups or small companies that have existing solutions that can be rolled out immediately in the following operational areas:

  • Omnichannel e-commerce models and solutions
  • User experience
  • Lead generation
  • Tools to improve buying decisions
  • Communication and contact solutions between clients and sales and service departments
  • Behavioral profiles
  • Traffic analysis
  • Digital sales tools for B2B/B2C segmentation (including mobile applications)
  • Remote authentication of B2B clients
The deadline for application is Dec 30th 2018. The solutions should be ready to implement and have innovative or disruptive characteristics. 

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