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A unified IoT communication standard proposed for Russia

Russian IoT association established by IIDF proposed a unified communication standard for Russia called NB-FI (narrow band fidelity).

Russian IoT association established by IIDF proposed a unified communication standard for Russia. The proposed IoT communication standard is called NB-FI (narrow band fidelity). IIDF believes that the technology will save billions of rubles in data collection and transmission in communal services, logistics, transport, energy systems etc. The standard is proposed to minimize installation and data collection expenses and ensure device compatibility across multiple producers. NB-FI uses narrow band on 868 MHz with low emission power. If Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology accepts the proposal, industrial companies can start production of controllers free from royalties to existing producers.

Russia is building a global vendor-independent open IoT ecosystem, where all independent international developers are welcome to participate and join forces.

The idea is to be 1)independent from global solution providers like GE or Apple or Samsung 2) open platform for new players, supporting collaboration and preventing monopoly power.

Skolkovo IoT association is in tight contact with Russian industries - potential client for independent IoT solutions. Finnish IoT developers are welcome to join in and have access to potential Russian industry clients.

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Alexey Shalaginov
What is Russian IoT association? Is it these guys http://iotunion.ru/ru/ ?
Posted on 8/25/17 4:46 PM.
Pavel Che
There is a number of associations already, but the article was about this one https://iotas.ru/ob-associacii/ which seems to be the most active, professional and relevant, supported by IIDF
Posted on 8/28/17 10:19 AM in reply to Alexey Shalaginov.