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Brazilian pulp and paper industry seeks new bioproducts and solutions

The decreasing consumption of regular news and printing paper is currently forcing the industry to search for innovative forest-based biomass products and new ways to gain profit. At the same time, the pulp and paper industry is continuously investing to increase the productivity of existing production lines. These trends open up opportunities for innovative SMEs.
The competitive wood costs in Brazil has made the country into a good investment area during the past fifteen years – and the trend continues.

The leading Brazilian pulp and paper companies are now actively searching for new commercially viable bioproducts based on forest biomaterial. At the same time, there is a demand for digital and other innovative solutions to increase the productivity of existing production lines of pulp and paper.
Opportunities for unique solutions from Finland
Large Finnish suppliers are already well known in Brazil and the current trend is now opening up more opportunities that could benefit young innovative companies. The Finnish companies are known for widening the use of biomass and they have a good reputation in Brazil.

Furthermore, the Finnish knowledge of IoT-based solutions give them a competitive advantage in improving the process productivity in paper and pulp factories.

To make market entry smoother, Business Finland acts as a bridge between Finnish companies and Brazilian stakeholders. Many local companies have already expressed their interest in what Finland has to offer and Business Finland currently discusses the possibility to arrange a delegation to Brazil at the end of this year.
If you want to know more about the market and upcoming activities, please contact:
Matti Landin
Trade Commissioner, Business Finland Latin America
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