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Bulgarian company seeks polyethylene-coated paper

A Bulgarian manufacturer of cardboard cups wants to purchase Finnish paper with polyethylene coating.
The Bulgarian company manufactures cardboard cups for hot and cold drinks as well as cups for vending machines, using 25 tons of paper every month. The company now seeks paper with polyethylene coating to be used in its production.
As the customer trusts Finnish companies to deliver high quality paper it especially looks to Finland for new partnerships. The suppliers should be able to deliver two types of rolls:
  • Big rolls with a 98 cm width.
  • Small rolls with a 6.3 cm width (according to the bottom of the cups).
The required thicknesses and coverages for both of these paper types are:

  • -177 gsm + 18 gsm LDPE.
  • -197 gsm + 18 gsm LDPE.
  • -215 gsm + 18 gsm LDPE.
  • -187 gsm + 18 gsm LDPE.

For more information about this opportunity, please contact Lydia Draganova.
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