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Business opportunities in Norwegian hospital construction and renovation

Norway has four health regions; Health North, Health Midst, Health West, and Health South-East. The customer is a jointly established company, owned by the different regions. Right now, many large hospital projects are in planning.

These include building new hospitals as well as renovation of old ones. The national hospital projects, as outlined by the National Hospital Plan for 2016-2019, present an opportunity for Finnish architects, construction companies, cleantech & bio economy, and health companies to be involved in the building and renovation process.

Examples of ongoing projects:

  • Oslo University Hospital HF: big maintenance and renovation investments.
  • Nordland Hospital HF: Modernization and upgrade of hospital in Bodø.
  • Radiumhospitalet will be modernized to a hospital specialized for cancer treatment. A 3 bn NOK project including new ICT systems is currently in concept phase.
  • Stavanger University Hospital. The concept for building a new hospital in Stavanger was approved in January 2016, and the plan is finish it in 2023. Construction is scheduled to begin in late 2018 or early 2019.
  • Nordmøre and Romsdal hospital construction project is planned to be ready in 2022. Some entrepreneurs and contractors have already been chosen, but more planning is due in 2018.

A new hospital will be built in Brakerøya, Drammen. This 8,6 billion NOK project is planned to be finished in 2024. A supplier conference will be held in 11.4.2018 at the Scandic Ambassadeur Hotel Drammen. The agenda of the supplier conference is to provide information to the market about what is needed for the project. There will be information about the following industries: architecture, construction, HVAC, electrical equipment, environmental management, fire safety, and hospital equipment. Each of these market areas will then have separate market competition dialogues in the spring of 2018, hosted by the health authorities. The conference will be held in Norwegian, but international companies are welcome to participate. All public procurements are published at Interested in this opportunity? Contact Morten Sand at the Finpro Trade Center in Oslo.

Change in the market that has opened up this opportunity

The demographic change in Norway is similar to the rest of the Western world: the population is aging and in greater need of healthcare services in the near future. The national hospital plan for 2016-2019 creates business opportunities for Finnish companies providing services and solutions in the healthcare sector. Especially renovation of old hospitals and the construction of new ones present an opportunity in the construction sector, and the modernization and digitalization of hospitals creates opportunities in the ICT sector.

Norwegians are looking for effective and efficient solutions in the health sector as a whole. The government is looking to outsource some responsibilities, with a goal of creating 10 000 new knowledge-based jobs in the private health sector during the next decade.

The customer is involved in major hospital construction projects (over NOK 500 million), which creates opportunities for Finnish companies to participate. The aim is to contribute to the future-oriented development of hospital development through learning, innovation, experience, and competence transfer.

In March 2017, Finpro participated in an Orientation meeting in Oslo to get to know the project. Later in the same month followed a Team Finland visit to Trondheim, where the Finnish ambassador to Norway, along with 2 Finpro members, met the management team of the customer. In May 2017, the customer traveled to Finland to participate in the Reboot Finland D-Day in Espoo. These initial discussions led to a joint action plan between Finpro and the customer to follow up some of the companies. Finnish representatives were also invited to two big events in Norway: the Oslo Innovation Week in September 2017, and a  conference in Trondheim in November. The conference, held 28-29th of November, had international speakers, among them Mr. Pekka Sivonen, ICT Director in Tekes. Internationalization is an important part of the strategy, to ensure that Norwegians build and renovate hospitals of the highest possible quality.


Offerings (products, services, solutions) relevant to this opportunity

  • Hospital construction players in Finland; architects, hospital designers, construction companies.
  • Companies in Finpro Health & Wellbeing as well as Cleantech and Bioeconomy Growth Programs.
If you are interested to hear more about the opportunities in Norway, please contact us. Contact details can be found on the right hand side of this page.


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