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Business opportunity in Mexico: Preloaded Applications for new Smartphones

Mexican Altán Redes Consortium has chosen Nokia to design, build and manage the Wholesale Shared Network (Red Compartida in Spanish). There is an opportunity to include pre-loaded applications of Finnish companies in high-tech low-cost mobile equipment that could be available for Red Compartida customers.

The Wholesale Shared Network is a project established in the Mexican Constitution under the landmark 2013 Telecommunication Reform. Under the Sixteen Transitory Article of the Reform, the Mexican State, through the Executive Branch and in coordination with the Federal Institute of Telecommunications, will guarantee the installation of a Public Shared Telecommunications Network that boosts the effective access of the population to broadband communication and to telecommunications.

Red Compartida will operate through principles of sharing its entire infrastructure and separated selling of all its services and capacities, and will exclusively give services to companies that commercialize and operate telecommunication networks, under conditions of no discrimination – and at competitive prices.

Since the network will cover more than the 92% of the populated territory, and telecommunication services will be offered through MVNOs, the prices for connectivity are expected to be much lower than the current fixed packages that most services providers offer to the customers.

This effect will create the possibility of 70 million possible customers for Red Compartida, between new users, and users that migrate from other companies to the Shared Network.

Low connectivity prices will need to go in combo with high technology and low prices handsets, with the technical characteristics to operate in the 700 MHz spectrum band, in which the Red Compartida will operate.

Thus, it also includes the possibility that the handsets for Red Compartida will include pre-loaded applications of Finnish companies for services, which would give them a competitive advantage across the scope of clients.

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