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Consultancy and technology to biomass-fired power plant project by Thai Investor Group

A Thai Consortium is preparing to develop a 10MW biomass power plant and an integrated plantation of fast growing trees in Myanmar. They are looking for consulting support and technology suppliers from Finland.

A dedicated plantation in Myanmar is expected to produce up to 80,000 tons of wood ship per year, which will be used as fuel. Preferred technology is fluidized bed combustion for burning fuels with low heating value.

The estimated total investment for the project is USD 25 million. A MoU with Myanmar’s government was signed in July 2017, final feasibility study will be conducted in 2017-2018, and construction will start by the end of 2018 or beginning 2019.

The Consortium is interested in reviewing related knowhow from Finland, before making decision of the technology suppliers.The Consortium can consider involving Finnish engineering consultant for the feasibility stage.

Please notice that all negotiations/decisions will be made in Thailand.

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