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Corporate Innovation Hubs in San Francisco Bay Area

Corporate Innovation Hubs (CIH) report is for Finnish companies considering a San Francisco Bay area presence, or other main innovation clusters, as a part of their innovation strategy.

Silicon Valley and the wider San Francisco Bay Area is a globally leading innovation cluster for technology industries. It is a unique innovation ecosystem hosting top-class universities, disruptive startups and venture capitalists, and the world’s most innovative corporations. It is also a home base for a growing number of Corporate Innovation Hubs. Corporate Innovation Hub is a scouting outpost that gives value to home base by supporting headquarters’ strategic mission. A strategic mission nowadays often covers themes around digitalization, customer experience reform, or business model disruptions. Activities supporting strategic goals vary widely, for example, startup or research relationship building, talent or investment opportunity scouting, technology trend or emerging market follow up or future watch. Over the last decades both US, and international enterprises have started to send their scouts to San Francisco Bay Area - companies want to catch their share of this inspiring and ubiquitous Silicon Valley mindset and the environment. The newly formed Corporate Innovation Hubs have different strategic goals, operational models, sizes, and forms – but they all are here to hunt for the next big thing. The attached Corporate Innovation Hubs report creates an overview of the SFBA-located CIH landscape, and to share the analysis with Finnish technology companies, who are considering options for their innovation strategy execution.

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