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Danish demand for healthy food and premium alcohol

The Danish food industry is characterised by a growing demand for organic, free from and naturally healthy food. This interest for premium products has also spread to alcoholic beverages were especially craft beer and innovative spirits are rising in popularity.
Fuelled by a growing awareness of health issues, food allergies and intolerances, pure food has become a trend among Danish consumers. At the same time, the favourable economic conditions are boosting the food sales in many categories.

In 2017, healthy packaged food, such as alternatives to milk and chilled meat, showed the fastest volume growth while the overall value sales of packaged food reached 8.4 billion euros. Continued growth is also visible for premium alcoholic beverages and especially for craft beers and innovative spirit products.

Natural, vegetarian and functional trends

Denmark currently has the best-developed organic market in the world as well as the highest organic market share (nearly 10 %). The popularity of functional, free from and vegetarian food products are rising steadily and organic or natural ingredients are trending among alcoholic beverages.

This trend is visible in grocery chains and retailers that are currently improving their selection of natural products. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are also starting to change their product selection to include more premium-priced spirits.

The following categories have special market potential:

  • Organic and local premium products
  • Functional food
  • Free from products: gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian etc.
  • Healthy snacks and supplements
  • Pure and natural food
  • Berries or berry-based products
  • Premium alcoholic beverages

Room for innovative, healthy and pure Finnish products

Even though the Danish food industry is regarded as competitive, there is room for innovative foreign produce. This means that Finnish companies can compete with their naturally healthy ingredients as well as their expertise in free from products.

Additionally, Finnish brands have a unique position on the market for alcoholic beverages as Finland is often seen as exotic and a bit different from its Nordic neighbours. Some Finnish gin producers have already established themselves on the market and there is definitely more room for exotic, high-quality products from the pure Finnish nature. 

Join Food From Finland at Bite Copenhagen

To boost Finnish companies business in Denmark and to link the companies with the relevant Danish contacts, Food from Finland will organise a stand at Bite Copenhagen fair held the 30-31.8.2018.

Bite Copenhagen is a global B-to-B food & drink exhibition that focuses especially on innovative, organic and sustainable products. 130 entrepreneurs and gastronomic frontrunners from all over the world will display their take on future food solutions at the fair. As Bite Copenhagen is connected to The World Food Summit – Better Food for More People, this also attracts decision makers and media to the scene.

For more information about the upcoming activities at Bite Copenhagen and about other ways to seize the opportunity, please contact:

Pirjo Hamnström
Senior Advisor, Business Finland Copenhagen
+45 205 498 92. 
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