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Demand for unique design from Finland on the rise in Denmark

Consumers’ interest in durable and well-designed products for the home and daily life is increasing in Denmark. Although consumers in Denmark have traditionally favored Danish design over other Scandinavian brands, there is business potential for Finland. The “little extra" Finnish Design often offers makes it stand out among its Nordic competitors.
In Denmark, consumers are increasingly interested in design using local materials and ethical and sustainable production.  There is also demand for new innovative and creative design solutions for everyday life. In 2017, there was a 1 % growth in current value terms for the home and garden specialist retailers. The overall sales in this sector reached DKK 37,4 billion (EUR 5.02 billion) in 2017.

What is Finland’s competitive edge in design?
Finnish design appeals to Danes because of its similar properties to Danish design, such as simplicity and practicality. Despite the price being an important factor for purchasing decisions, there is an increasing interest in quality and longevity of products. More and more consumers prefer well-designed products of good quality over mass-produced items. 

Many Danish consumers are also individualists searching for unique design for their homes. Finnish designers usually approach the shape and style of products with simple, clean and pure lines but with a spice of playfulness in the mix. This distinguishes Finnish design from other Nordic traditions. Drawing inspiration from nature and using locally produced, recycled and sustainable materials are also an advantage for Finnish design companies. 

Finnish Design is internationally well-known, which helps gain business potential in Denmark. The centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017 also increased interest towards Finnish Design.
Finland’s good reputation and the solid position of some existing Finnish design brands in the Danish market pave the way for new companies to enter the market. 

Seize the opportunity by joining Design Werck in Copenhagen
Finnish companies have an excellent opportunity to tap into the Danish market by showcasing in the Finnish Design Corner at Design Werck in Copenhagen. The Finnish Design Corner installation at the Design Werck showroom is an ongoing collaboration between Design Werck and Business Finland’s Lifestyle Finland program. Finnish design companies are invited to showcase their items in the space hosting design-lovers and industry professionals throughout the year. Finnish design company Nikari took part in the Finnish Design Corner in 2017.

 “We set clear goals for our first half-year in Lifestyle Finland program. Our goal was to get to know the market in Denmark and find a good agent there. As planned, this goal was reached during the first half of the year and even the first deliveries are already done. Design Werck is very good as a showroom and we like the style of the owners”, says Nikari Oy’s CEO Johanna Vuorio.

If you are a lifestyle company interested in this business opportunity or joining the Design Werck in Denmark, please contact us for further information:

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