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Doing Business with Finland seminars, Malaysia on Oct 16th and 18th

The objective of the event is to provide Finnish ICT companies, especially edutech, with insight into establishing business in Southeast Asia.
Business Finland wishes to invite Finnish technology companies to the Finnpartnership’s "Doing Business with Finland" seminars in October. The seminars are organised by the Finnish Embassy in Malaysia and Business Finland - in cooperation with the Finnish National Agency for Education. The objective is to provide Finnish ICT companies with insight into establishing business in Southeast Asia. A key focus area will be ICT in the education sector.
The seminars will take place in the Malaysian cities of George Town (October 16th) and Kuala Lumpur (October 18th). Keynote speakers include the Director General of the Finnish National Agency for Education, Mr. Olli-Pekka Heinonen. The seminars will bring together a large group of relevant Malaysian businesses and government officials who wish to meet Finnish ICT companies.
Malaysia is fast becoming an educational hub within the ASEAN region and is ranked the world’s 11th largest exporter of educational services. There are 74,996 international students studying in Malaysian private tertiary institutions, and 32,842 in public institutions. Malaysia aims to host 250,000 foreign students by 2025.
The New Economic Model framework
The Malaysian government has drawn up a New Economic Model (NEM) framework in order to turn Malaysia into a high-income economy via innovation and creativity. NEM will bolster those industries that have a strong foundation for accelerated development. This includes education and training. Pre-school education is now part of the national education system, which is fast growing due to the increased wealth and expansion of the middle and upper income groups.
Malaysia recently published the National Education Blueprint (2013-2025), covering pre-school to upper secondary education and identified 11 operational and strategic shifts to transform the education system. The Malaysian government is now encouraging universities to focus on R&D through allocation of funds in order to work with industries to reduce unemployment among graduates. The government has made it clear that is regards the Finnish education system as one of the best. The demand for Finnish education know how is required in higher education, particularly to drive the transformation of the Malaysian school system in areas of urban development.
Finnish technology is well-respected in Malaysia and companies such as Nokia and F-Secure have excellent reputations.
The Multimedia Super Corridor
In 1995 the Malaysian government established the Multimedia Super Corridor in order to move its ICT sector higher up the value chain. This includes the manufacture and export of ICT products and the provision and export of ICT services.
Malaysia remains a dominant exporter and hub for Electronic Government solutions, electronic commerce, Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), data centre management & hosting and cloud computing services. However, with the coordinated effort launched by the Malaysian government to move the ICT industry higher up the value chain.
Finnish solutions needed by the Malaysian government
ICT and education, including early childhood education, are inter-related. Technology focus areas are AI, AR, VR, content generation, big data harnessing, connectivity, IoT, cloud technology, and mobility. The Malaysian government realises that Finnish ICT companies have strong capabilities in these areas for both the private and public sectors.
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