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Dry bio toilets needed in India

An Indian province plans to introduce large numbers of dry public toilets to its population. To do this, the government calls for Finnish companies to provide the project with eco-friendly technology for treatment of waste.
The Indian province is especially looking for dry bio toilets that treat the fecal discharge with ecologically friendly technology so that it can be recycled into environment-friendly waste. By introducing these new public toilets, the Indian province hopes to motivate the population to give up open defecation.
India has previously tried homegrown bio-digesters without any effective results and therefore the province now calls for Finnish companies to offer their expertise in technology for treatment of waste.
Over a thousand of toilets will be needed but the request is that the Finnish company would be part of an innovative approach that would bring down the costs by cooperating with the local industry. For example, the toilets could be built with critical technology from Finland using local raw materials.
The procurement will be made through public tendering and the plan is to make the decisions in March 2018.
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