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Market area:

Elderly care and assisted living in Austria

Austrian population, like everywhere, is getting older and need for solutions to support the care for elderly people grows. Wish and also the need to stay home as long as possible creates the demand for care supporting tools and smart home solutions

Austrian elderly care providers are seeking for cost effective and human centric solutions for senior persons in home and in stational care.

Stational care places are limited and there is a need for smart solutions at home care. The expansion of home-based services has clear priority in relation to the expansion of institution-based facilities. Stational care is also looking for cost effective ways to support and compensate the personnel.

Austria has the third highest public expenditure on healthcare in EU and is the only member state where this sector involves 4 different entitites.

Interest in supporting tools is there. Austria has six pilot regions, supported by governmental financing, where the use and helpfulness of different tools and methods are tested in real home environments.

Change in the market that has opened up this opportunity:

Population gets older and there is the need and own will to stay at home as long as possible. In Austria, solutions are needed which support the long-term care at home instead of institutional facilities. Private persons are willing to use new solutions as long as they are easy to use and are not expensive.

The estimated volume:
In 2016 about 18.5 % of the Austrian population was older than 65 years. The prognosis foresees an increase of this share to 20.5 % by 2025. By 2050 27.3% Austrian will be older than 65 years.

Offerings (products, services, solutions) that are relevant to this opportunity:

  1. Solutions, i.e. planning tools or other services, to maintain or improve the possibilities for independent living of an elderly individual, and offer support in everyday life i.e. in the following areas: social contacts, nutrition, housekeeping, memory, mobility
  2. Safe housing and smart home solutions that increase security: Censors that automatically turn off the stove or the running water, self-closing doors, fall detection censors, automatic lightning, automatic and mobile emergency call.
  3. Solutions that improve health, for example monitoring services like automatically measure blood pressure or pulse and analyze the data, or equipment that reminds a person about a doctoral appointment or taking the medicine.

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