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Finnish BIM know-how attractive in Germany – join the BIM World Munich exhibition

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is widely recognised as the new method for planning, construction and operation of buildings worldwide. However, the German market is lagging behind in the development of this sector and thus the country now shows a lot of interest in what Finnish companies can offer.
Digitalisation has not yet reached the construction trade to any real degree in Germany and 2D planning is still the norm among many architects and planners. At the same time, German companies are aware of the benefits and government legislation is making BIM obligatory in public tenders. This increases the demand for companies with more experience in the field.

A survey, made by the German architects’ office by the Federal Chamber of Architects in 2017, showed that the majority of German architects (66 %) are aware of BIM but not actually using it.  Only 12 % of the participating 15 000 German architects’ offices claimed to be already implementing BIM. Furthermore, 22 % of the architects replied that although they are not currently using this type of technology, they are aware of it.

Competitive Finnish offerings

In Finland, BIM has been implemented in real construction projects already for 10-15 years, which creates a wide knowledge base in this area. Thus, the large number of impressive use cases and good reputation in general, gives the Finnish companies a competitive edge in the wide international competition.

This includes all kinds of BIM-related technology and solutions that allow architects, planners and building operators to add flexibility and error-saving processes to their current methods and thus potentially save huge sums of money.

Since BIM is mandatory in Finland, the companies also have a lot of experience of working with public authorities on BIM projects.

Join the Business Finland delegation to BIM World Munich, November 2018

Following last year’s success at the BIM World Munich exhibition Business Finland is now increasing their activity on the scene with different types of support, networking and B2B-meetings organised between Finnish and German companies.

Business Finland is also organising a German delegation, which will come to Helsinki and Lahti in May 2018. The purpose of this delegation is to showcase the Finnish BIM offerings with special focus on building concert houses as a similar project is currently planned in Munich.

If you are interested in these opportunities, please contact Alun Jones.

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