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Finnish bioenergy companies have a lot to offer in Malaysia

The Government of Malaysia's initiatives of Renewable Energy sector create interesting opportunities for Finnish companies offering high-quality solutions in waste-to-energy, biomass, liquid biofuel, and biogas sectors.

Companies and sectors benefiting from this opportunity

These initiatives are extremely interesting for Finnish companies providing advanced technologies and reliable solutions in:

  • Waste-to-energy (W2E)
    • Reputable technologies for power plants that utilize waste and wood-based biomass as feedstock
    • Global application and utilization of biomass-based CHP boiler technology represents the cutting edge of power plant development
    • High-efficiency integrated advanced solutions for combined CHP to district heating and cooling system
  • Biomass
    • Fuel receiving, screening, crushing, storage, reclaiming & conveying systems
    • Fuel feeding and ash handling systems
    • SRF (Solid recovered fuel) handling  
  • Liquid biofuel
    • Versatile production technologies that are applicable to different types of waste and residues like food waste, used cooking oil, tall oil from pulp production, etc
  • Biogas
    • Reliable, scalable and world-class solutions for different climates
    • Reliable, scalable and world-class solutions for different climates
    • Short pay-back time

In public projects, innovative Finnish companies have the possibility to partner with larger local corporations

Team Finland activities available for Finnish companies

The Team Finland network offers advice and activities with specific focus sectors including the bio and circular sector in Malaysia. Currently a webinar is planned in January-February to present the business opportunity and establish initial contacts between local actors and Finnish companies.

In October 2019, the plan is to follow-up the webinar with a chance to jointly visit the IGEM 2019 (International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition and Conference) and Biogas Asia Pacific Forum 2019 in May 2019 in Kuala Lumpur.


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77% of the final use of energy in Malaysia is dominated by fossil fuel, comprising of natural gas, petroleum products and coal & coke. Electricity and biodiesel made up 23% from the total final energy use with 12,781 ktoe in 2016. In 2016, bioenergy accounts for 2.55% (837.7 MW) from the total installed capacity for electricity generation in Malaysia.

Renewable energy (RE) production and consumptions are on a steady upward trend. RE records a double-digit growth of 21.2% YoY to 15,104 GWh in 2016, after a sudden drop by 6.1% YoY in 2015 while consumption grew at a CAGR of 11.7% over 2011 –2014.

The power industry (including renewable energy) is regulated by the Government through the Energy Commission. The domestic electricity supply chain are divided to power generation, transmission, distribution and end-user with the single-buyer system.

The forecasted consumption demand for electricity from combustible renewables & waste from 2015 to 2022 is expected to increase from 1,937 ktoe to 2,320 ktoe with CAGR of 2.61%.

Renewable energy has been given attention by the Malaysian Government for over 17 years since 2001. The latest Government initiative is the Malaysia Electricity Supply Industry (MESI) Reform 2.0 which was activated in 2018. This includes the establishment of MyPower to increase industry efficiency and future-proof the electricity supply including promotion of RE and energy efficiency initiatives. With MESI Reform 2.0, the country sets to achieve 20% of RE installed capacity by 2030. The outcomes MESI Reform 2.0 include a more transparent and efficient market structure, as well as more dynamic tariffs based on market conditions.

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