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Finnish design expertise wanted in Turkey

There are interesting opportunities in the Turkey market for Finnish designers and design expertise in design dna and branding, service design, design sales and marketing.

Turkish volume of foreign trade in 2015 was 351 billion USD and export 143,73 billion USD. Turkey achieved 4% growth in 2015 while average growth of the EU countries was 1,9%.

The country’s most important export items are automotive, ready-made garments, chemicals and electronics. Also furniture manufacturing, interior items, leather goods, jewelry and tableware manufacturing play a major role in the Turkish industry. However, creating valuable global brands to increase competitiveness is still lacking in Turkey. The government is iniating various tools to improve the situation, as creating a state sponsored branding program​ and a new R&D and design law, which gives financial encouragement to design centres.

In order to increase its exports and to create international brands, improving design thinking is one of the most crucial improvement areas. Finnish design companies and designers therefore have great opportunities to sell their know-how to Turkish manufacturers in product design, design, brand creation, brand management as well as design sales and marketing.

Turkey Design Opportunities Day in November in Helsinki

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> Nov 21: Turkey Design Opportunities Day 

If you are interested in hearing more about design opportunities in Turkey, please contact:

Team Finland / Embassy of Finland in Ankara
Counsellor, Trade and Commerce
Arto Mankinen
+905 305 275 291​
arto.mankinen (at)

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