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Future Watch Signal Series India: Space and Cyber Defence India - Emerging opportunities

Indian defence and cyber space opportunities are an overlooked area of industrial cooperation as many opportunities emerge especially in the digital industries, even in weather and training areas. In general, India's Space and Cyber Defence areas contain gaps to keep up with global development. India's space defence program is guided by policies to counter the capabilities of China and Pakistan. While India has made long strides with cost effective mission to Mars and a successfully launching record number of satellites, there are several gaps in its space defence. While in the space communication arena, at present, India has extremely limited space-based COMINT (Communications Intelligence) capabilities.

Cyber security of satellite communications is another arena for potential collaboration between countries. Also, to achieve complete control of satellite communications & intelligence C4ISR, India needs to have a constellation of satellites in the space with extreme communication technology at disposal.  In the Space Situational Awareness area India needs radar-independent tracking methods such as lasers, coherent infrared sensors and space systems with a sole purpose of tracking the functional capabilities of suspected/rogue satellites with military connect.

In cyber-security area, according to Gartner, cyber-security in India is growing to be a $1.5 bn market by 2019 & forecasted to grow over 19% during 2018-2023.  Average spend on cyber security is currently at ~3% compared to a global average of 10-15% of the IT budget. India would need a trained pool of million professionals in cyber-security by 2025.

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