Business opportunity
Market area:

German Healthcare system in the process of digitalization

In German healthcare system, hospitals, patient treatment etc. digitalization is still in the beginning of implementation but discussion on needs are ongoing. In general the topic of digitalisation as mean to improve effectiveness of different sectors is one of the main discussions before the federal election.

It can be expected that this issue will have high priority during the upcoming legislative period 2018-2022. Hospitals are in need of new innovative solutions to improve daily routine. This is often combined with the problem of lack of employees due to saving measures done by the public sector, a stronger competition through private operators and the demographic change leading to a higher workload for hospital operators. Therfore, hospitals are searching for innovative solutions to invest in. This goes along with funding projects expected by both German state and federal states. This results in an opportunity for Finnish companies.


Change in the market that has opened up this opportunity:
There are several reasons, why digitalisation are getting more and more into the focus in the healthcare system - personnel capacity, competition, need for improvement of patient treatment, political focus (e.g. fundings).
Offerings (products, services, solutions) that are relevant to this opportunity:
  • Patient flow management
  • Tracking (both devices and persons)
  • Tele medicine
  • Communication tools
  • Solution for patient data management which is in line with German jurisdiction
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