Health and wellbeing megatrends 2018

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Mervi Pulkkanen
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The upcoming changes in wellness and health will have a strong impact on people's attitudes, community structures, social and healthcare services, growth in business and the digitalization in everyday life. Moving more and more from the treatment of illness to predictive and preventative health and wellbeing is a major factor of change in professions, care and services. In the future individual – a human will be at the center where artificial intelligence, robotics and precision medicine are going to be decisive factors. Transhumanism in digital society can be used to examine the various aspects of human evolution. Human ability to adapt may be slower than technological development itself. The importance of consumerism is growing rapidly in an emerging world where people, however, have their own choices to take a strong stance on the direction of development.

One of the megatrends of health care is that the treatment is transformed from mass-oriented care towards individual care. Identifying individual effects through, for example, genetic research enables the move from "one disease - one drug" -thinking in the development of medicines into identifying the individual effects of treatment. Personalized medicine gives you the opportunity to anticipate and prevent diseases as well as find the right care at the right time to the right people.

Business Finland prepares a program for Personalized health. The program would support Finnish innovation and top-level research and create a new business around personalized healthcare area, promote growth and renew and create new business life. The program would also help growth companies to raise venture capital and R&D funding, grow new know-how and attract international venture capital, R&D and business units to Finland.

The preparatory work will identify the Finnish business area for health and wellbeing as well as the actors and their needs, and what kind of measures will be expected from the program. For more information, please contact:

Harriet Gullstén +358 (0)2950 55776 harriet.gullsten (at)

Outi Tuovila +358 (0)2950 55279 outi.tuovila (at)