Lucrative opportunities in French construction market for energy-efficient technologies

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France is now actively working towards improving the energy efficiency in buildings. The efforts are based on a plan that will be implemented until 2022 and the government intends to invest a total of 12-14 billion euros in the project. The ultimate goal is to reduce the total energy consumption used in buildings by 15% by 2023 (as compared to 2010).

The national plan covers the residential sector (including a strong social dimension), public buildings (e.g. schools, hospitals) and offices. So far, the energy savings in the commercial and the office market is growing faster than within the residential market. On the other hand, the residential market is much bigger in size and here the specific goals are to renovate and reduce energy consumption in 350 000 new dwellings as well as in 500 000 old dwellings.


What solutions are needed?

According to experts the solutions, products and services sought for are:

  • building software
  • engineering services
  • energy efficient building materials
  • smart building solutions.

Call for action for Finnish companies

If you are interested to learn more about the French construction, market and consider entering the market, do not hesitate to join our workshop in December 11th 2018 in the Team Finland House in Helsinki. During the workshop you will get the chance to discuss with experts and get more insight into this specific opportunity.

In the first quarter of 2019 Team Finland also plans to organize a roadshow in France were Finnish companies will get to meet the most relevant market players.

More about this opportunity:

45 % of the French energy consumption is due to buildings and currently about 7 million residential units are known to have energy inefficiencies. The plan is now to improve the passive energy efficiency with better insulation and building materials as well as reducing thermal losses with more efficient components for heating, hot water, household appliances, lightening etc. Furthermore, the plan is to increase the monitoring and managing of energy needs and consumption. In total, the energy savings per year could potentially be around 13-20 billion euros.

The construction market is very important for the French economy. The new buildings sector reaches a value of 60 billion euros every year while the maintenance and renovations segment has even greater value of close to 80 billion euros. Together, these equal to 6 % of the country’s economy output.

The construction companies in France have still very little experience with connected buildings and ICT and they are therefore open to innovative ideas, which creates potential partnerships and sales ready to be explored by Finnish companies.


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