Need for digital solutions grows in Polish industrial companies

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In Poland, increasing labor costs and a deficit of blue-collar workers has driven the demand for automation, robotics, and measurement and control systems.

There is a growing demand for automation, smart industry, measurement, and control systems in Poland. The good condition of the Polish economy and sound financial results of local industrial companies support their capability to invest in smart and advanced solutions.

Yet, under the surface, the gap between labor costs and productivity is rising.

Market scope

In Poland, average gross monthly wages rise rapidly. The gap between labor cost and productivity is rising sharply as well. Meanwhile, there is an increasing deficit of blue-blue collar workers too.

The Polish industrial base, however, is powerful and one of the country's main economic drivers. 26% of the gross value added in Poland is generated by the industry, which is 7 percentage points higher than the EU average. The main subsectors in Poland's industrial sector are manufacturing, mining, and energy as well as oil & gas sector.

The Polish Council of Ministers has adopted a resolution on the Responsible Development Strategy. One of its pillars is the reindustrialization of Poland. Additionally, the Ministry of Economic Development has established a team of industrial transformation and the team launched this year the Polish Platform of 4.0 Industry, which should play an important role in Polish companies' industrial transformation.

The industrial sector has lots of potential for digital solutions. Consequently, in the years to come, the country will open up new opportunities for:

  • Suppliers of measurement and control systems for the industry, energy, and utilities
  • Providers of smart industry solutions
  • Suppliers of automation, robotics, and ICT for industry, energy, and utilities
  • Suppliers of smart solutions for smart cities, clean energy, clean water and clean air

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