Turkish company is looking for wood and timber suppliers from Finland

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Turkish trading and marketing company is searching for timber producers who are exporting products under the HS Code 4407. The timber products will be imported not only to the local market in Turkey but also to the neighbouring countries.

Products needed

The company is looking for wood and timber suppliers from Finland to match the following criteria:

  • Spruce wood/timber
  • Whitewood V+(5th) quality
  • Planned, Kiln Dried 18%
  • Curved edge, 19x62.5 mm
  • Length: varying between 832 mm - 2166 mm 
  • Frame grade quality, Planned, Square edged, Kiln Dried, 25x50, 25x75, 25x100 mm, Length: between 1600 and 3000

Company's estimated monthly purchase will be 35 m3.

About the company:

The Turkish company works as a supply chain agent for furniture and furniture equipment producers worldwide but their main focus market is United Kingdom. They also connect suppliers to end users.

The company mostly supports furniture manufacturers by finding correct and trustable supplier of timber, upholstery fabric, plastic, metal components/accessories, and mechanisms. The company is located in Bursa, Turkey, which is a leading city with furniture production.


For more information, please contact nilufer.alapinar (at) businessfinland.fi