Zimbabwe Country Outlook for end of 2018

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Zimbabwe is coming of elections and showing signs of political recovery that will hopefully turn into economic growth and business opportunities

Zimbabwe held its elections in July 2018. The new president Mnangagwa has sworn in and the country is ready to start reforming the economy and economic policies. With the previous regime the biggest obstacle for business and economic growth was the lack of external hard currency. The cash shortage still remains a problem but the new president has promised to start tackle the issue immediately. Zimbabwe is known for its abundant natural riches, such as gemstones, diamonds, gold and other minerals but also for its relatively dynamic and well-educated people. The approximity to South Africa is also a positive thing when you are looking at trading. The closest ports to Zimbabwe are in Maputo and Durban and most probably these important lorry ways will be upgraded as well as the other important trade ways in the coming years as the trade picks up. The electricity infrastructure is in need of investments and upgrades and these are expected to happen quite quickly. The abundance of minerals lures in investors from all around the globe. Zimbabwe will be developing very fast once it solves the most urgent issues of currency, investment permits and investment policies. The Embassy of Finland follows keenly on the political and economic landscape of the country and is planning to arrange a trip to the country with selected companies in the coming year. If you are interested, please be in contact.