A multinational IT network provider is looking for products and services related to critical communications to increase the attractiveness of its offering in Thailand

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Senior Advisor
Perry Le Dain
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A multinational IT network provider's subsidiary in Thailand is planning to target numerous autonomous police, military, navy, and border control organisations in Thailand with value-added services to its core network offering.

In order to differentiate itself from the competition, the network provider needs to increase its service offering with products and services related to defense and critical communications.

Their core offering is a high-speed fiber optic network. The scope for the increased elements is that they add value to the core offering with services, applications and products that help their target customer's fulfill their operational tasks. The added elements should increase the reliability, security, speed, and effectiveness of the target customer's operations or communications.

Examples given by the IT company were:

  • Helmets or other wearables with active communication systems
  • Critical communication applications: hardware and software
  • Other products, services or applications that are proven to add value to the target segment