Denmark – a virile market for health tech and assisted living solutions

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For years, the municipalities (98) in Denmark have been the front-runners in applying assisted living technologies. This development has been backed by a joint public strategy for digital welfare was adopted in 2013, by the state government, Local Government Denmark and Danish Regions.

It has speeded up the implementation process and use of assistive living technology in the Danish municipalities and regions. It had (among other things) a focus on taking assisted living technologies in more active use in the municipal sector.

The typical Western world drivers of: aging population, lack of care personnel, rising healthcare costs has increased the need for individualization in care as well as driving the increase in usage of technology. Due to constrained public budgets, the demographic development and the focus on developing the services of welfare state, there is a great demand for new, smart and efficient ways of providing welfare and care services to citizens.

There are 98 municipalities in Denmark. Majority of them are actively looking for new technologies to support their care personnel, as well as their citizens to cope better and longer at home.

According to recent rapports, the Danish municipalities are actively looking into solutions for stimulating senses and virtual home care, while sensor technology, better use of health data and digitally supported rehabilitation are following right after. In addition, fall detection technologies and automatization of medical delivery are two major issues that municipalities are looking to solve with help of newest technologies.

Another interesting field of opportunity is the integrated care (cooperation between health regions (5), which are managing the hospitals, and municipalities which are managing senior and social care (98)) there are several project looking into how to create coherent patient pathways and care processes.  

Solutions or products needed

  • Solutions helping citizens to manage their lives independently at home for a longer time
  • Solutions empowering citizens to manage their sicknesses from/at home
  • Rehabilitation solutions
  • Solutions applying new technologies and innovations for the benefit of improving the efficiency of the care processes (predictive analytics, AI and machine learning, etc.)
  • Solutions, which are easily scalable and mature enough, good references from Finland are needed
  • In Denmark there is focus on: dementia,

Denmark is an ideal market for Finnish companies because it is geographically close, dynamic in decision-making and the business environment is similar to Finland and relatively easy to approach. In addition, Denmark is a frontrunner of applying and accepting assisted living technologies and new digital processes compared to Finland, thus, the Danish market is more ready to take new solutions into use and the citizens on all levels adapt to new technologies relatively fast.

Team Finland activities Available for Finnish Companies

Business Finland in Denmark arranges a range of different activities for Finnish healthtech companies in Denmark. You are welcome to contact us to hear more about how to participate and how to get started in the Danish market, in order to find good local cooperation partners, end-client feedback or other stakeholder contacts. Finnish companies are also encouraged to apply Explorer founding instruments for exploring the opportunities of Danish market.

Upcoming events in Denmark

  • Health & Rehab exhibition in May in Copenhagen, read more: For start-ups CareTech Challenge, through which you can win a free opportunity to present your solutions at Health & Rehab, more info here
  • We are planning a visit to Denmark in March/April, when we will arrange dialogue opportunities for the leading Finnish Healthtech companies and Danish potential customers.
    A report on DK market and video link to training material regarding how to sell to the Danish public healthcare sector is available by contacting: Terhi Rasmussen

Team Finland activities available for Finnish companies


If interested in this business opportunity, please contact Terhi Rasmussen, terhi.rasmussen (at)

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