Great opportunities in furniture, interior and interior material sector in Austria

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Advisor/Regional office manager
Sanna Sipilä-Axnix
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Austria has one of the highest purchasing powers in Europe. Vienna´s population has been growing around 20.000 inhabitants yearly and the need for residential and other buildings is constantly high. Today there are over 400 projects in residential construction with over 20.000 apartments in Vienna. With this trend, the demand for interior solutions for these spaces is also given.

Companies and sectors benefitting from this opportunity

  • Furniture and interior companies
  • Lighting companies

Solutions or products needed

There are several planned and ongoing projects in Austria that offer interesting opportunities for Finnish companies. There is demand for furniture and solutions for hotels, housing areas, senior homes, offices and other projects. Right now, the country offers big business opportunities for Finnish furniture, lighting and interior suppliers. There are opportunities for new sales in following product categories: 

  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Interior materials
  • Acoustic solutions

Team Finland activities available for Finnish companies

  • Vienna Design Week 27.9.-6.10.2019 

    Finland is this year a guest country in Vienna Design WEEK 2019. It is Austria's largest curated design festival, which has been taking place in Vienna since 2007.
    Business Finland together with Finnish design companies builds Finland Lounge in Festival headquarter for the public. Event with professional audience is planned to present the Finnish companies and their products and solutions.
  • Scandinavian Light & Design 2019
    Scandinavian Light & Design 2019 event will held in Vienna in November, together with Swedish and Norwegian companies. The event brings together key players from Austria's architectural and contract furniture sector.


If you are a Finnish lifestyle company interested in this business opportunity, please contact us for further information. Sanna Sipilä-Axnix, Tel. +43 664 9693213,         

Background information

  • Revenue in the Furniture market amounts to €6,956 m in 2019.
  • Per person revenue is expected to be € 793.5 in 2019
  • Biggest per person revenues of €793.50 are generated in 2019single categories in retail are living room and dining room furnitures and bedroom furnitures