Poland's largest bank is looking for Fintech startups

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Senior Advisor
Piotr Hajdecki
+48 508 983 253
PKO Bank Polski wishes to collaborate with Finnish Fintech companies in order to improve its internal processes and provide additional value to its clients.

PKO Bank Polski has established a program for startups who are ready to pilot their Fintech solutions and scale their business in partnership with the bank. Startups can submit their business in an open application process. Successful applicants will be offered three cooperation models:

  1. Proof of Concept (POC)​
  2. Commercial implementation
  3. Equity investment
​Participation in the program is an opportunity for Finnish Fintech startups to gain access to the bank’s technology test environment as well leverage its vast knowledge of doing business in Poland.
To qualify for application to the program, startups are required to:

  1. Have a minimum viable product (MVP) of their solution
  2. Operate within at least one of the following digital banking areas:
Digital banking

  • Mobile apps and web services
  • RPA & digitalisation of processes
  • Payments, lending & finance
  • Capital markets and currency trading
  • Insurtech
Customer engagement

  • Customer loyalty / communication
  • Client onboarding optimization
  • Omni-channel / new branch experience
  • Solutions changing perception of the brand and products
Data & analytics

  • Data modeling and predictive analytics
  • Database Integration
  • Risk monitoring / credit scoring
  • Artificial Intelligence (e.g. chatbots NLP)

  • Smart contracts
  • Tokenization
  • ICO
  • ​Authentication
  • Crypto currencies
Open banking

  • Open API
  • ​Providers of extended banking value chains and value-added services

  • Cyber security
  • Data protection
  • Biometrics, customer authentication, digital ID
  • Anti-Money Laundering, KYC solutions
  • eDocument solutions, OCR Authentication