Smart city solutions needed in Ottawa

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Counsellor of Trade
Veijo Komulainen
+1 646 468 2665
Nordic City Solutions is a project created with the aim to collaborate with North American cities and local stakeholders. The goal is to promote Nordic-specific competencies around sustainable urban development enabling Nordic companies to secure tender contracts locally in specific cities. Now Ottawa in Canada and Houston in the USA are on the agenda for 2019.

The Nordic City Solutions project collaborates now with Zibi site plan. Zibi site in Ottawa is a sustainable community and redevelopment project by Dream Unlimited Corp and Theia Partners. With Zibi project Dream and Theia Partners aim to transform the land into residential housings, commercial and office space, unique waterfront plazas and outdoor squares including recreational facilities. Zibi Site is envisioned to be one of the most environmentally conscious and sustainable development projects in Canada's history. Here Finnish companies with their solutions come into the picture. Finnish companies with sustainable innovations are of interest to the project owners.

Solutions or products needed

The solutions that are needed embrace, among others, on such topics as:

  • Energy efficiency: energy efficiency and cost savings in building operations,
  • Infrastructure upgrades: upgrades to storm water, sanitary sewers, roads and highways and other major asset management,
  • Intensification of development of the City - repurposing of old structures and a focus on transit-oriented development,
  • Accessibility: ensuring accessibility for citizens across Ottawa to work, live and play.

Team Finland activities

Finnish companies interested in these opportunities are welcome to join Nordic City Solutions and participate the program workshops. Zibi Nordic Sustainability Lab Workshop is organized on 28-29th of March 2019 in Zibi Site Office, 6 Booth Street, Ottawa.

The first workshop day aims to provide the participants context about the project as well as frame the project stakeholders and present cultural and site-specific information. The second day focuses on reviewing the site plan and project sustainability through a Nordic lens and providing recommendations to Dream Unlimited, Theia and Zibi.

Planned actions provide excellent access and direct contact to the decision makers and investors in the Ottawa project.


If you want to learn more about this opportunity, please contact:

Veijo Komulainen, Consulate General of Finland in New York, veijo.komulainen (at) and Ilkka Homanen, Business Finland, ilkka.homanen (at )

For more information please visit as well: