Technical assistance opportunities in the Kosovo energy, environment, social, transport and digital infrastructure sectors

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Kosovo is a lower-middle-income country, which has experienced solid economic growth over the last decade. However, Kosovo is still facing significant challenges regarding air pollution, water pollution, energy efficiency, and waste management. Through this technical assistance supported by Western Balkans Investment Framework, Kosovo and other Western Balkan countries will benefit in many infrastructure sectors.

Kosovo and the Western Balkans Investment Framework

The Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) is a joint blending facility of the European Commission, participating Financial Institutions (FIs), bilateral donors and Western Balkans countries to deliver funding for strategic investment projects in beneficiary countries. 
The WBIF has so far supported investments in Kosovo worth €898 million across eligible sectors, through technical assistance for project preparation as well as direct contribution to works and supplies. The investments comprise key infrastructure projects in several sectors, such as: 
• Rail and road transport; 
• Energy efficiency and district heating; 
• Water and wastewater systems; 
• Floods protection and water resources conservation; 
• Waste management; 
• Education and healthcare.

The total number of projects that are approved by WBIF for Kosovo so far is 17 projects. The WBIF has helped Kosovo to prepare and implement essential infrastructure developments. It has helped plan and build several water and wastewater systems throughout the country ensuring continuous access to basic municipal services to its citizens. It has assisted the rehabilitation of the district heating system in Pristina, and the implementation of energy efficiency measures in public buildings throughout the country. Better education and healthcare facilities have been planned for and are currently being developed. Moreover, the WBIF has contributed to the development of essential road and rail transport routes which would ensure the country's connections with the other Western Balkan countries and the EU.  
Companies and sectors benefiting from this opportunity
The TA will support the preparation and implementation of priority infrastructure investment projects in: 
•transport and 
•digital economy 
This is a good opportunity for the Finnish companies with experts on the above-mentioned sectors. Through this technical assistance, services to be provided are:
•feasibility studies, 
•preliminary and detail designs, 
•support for the tendering process, 
•supervision of works, 
•preparatory sectoral studies, 
•preparation of terms of references

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The European Investment Bank (EIB) under WBIF has published a contract notice for the Infrastructure Project Facility – Technical Assistance on Energy, Environment, Social, Transport and Digital Economy. The overall objective of the Technical Assistance (TA) operation is to contribute to the improvement of the infrastructures in the candidate and potential candidates’ countries. 
The project will be implemented in all Western Balkan countries: Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. The maximum budget for the Technical Assistance is EUR 24 million, while the application deadline is April 4. The procedure is an international restricted tender.
On the basis of the applications received, between 5 and 8 candidates will be invited to submit detailed tenders for this contract. If the number of eligible candidates meeting the selection criteria is less than the minimum of 5, the EIB may invite the candidates who satisfy the criteria to submit a tender. The provisional commencement date of the contract is November 2019.
The tendering documentation: