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Danish Energy Islands Projects Opportunity

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Peder Degnbol

+45 2054 9896
There will be a demand for foreign companies to assist in a Danish transition towards a CO2 reduction of 70 percent by 2030. Massive investments are being rolled out with the Energy Islands that are set to produce and export electricity, renewable hydrogen via excising and new infrastructure.

The two energy islands that are under planning now – the natural island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea and an artificial island in the North Sea – will have a total offshore wind power capacity of 5 GW. They could triple Denmark’s offshore wind capacity. The artificial North Sea island even has the potential to expand to 10 GW in the long run.The islands should eventually allow the use of new technologies capable of storing the energy produced by the wind turbines. The Danish government is looking into the possibility to produce renewable hydrogen directly on the islands. According to the  European Commission’s Hydrogen Strategy, renewable hydrogen will also  play an important role in decarbonising those sectors that cannot be  electrified directly, the so called hard-to-abate sectors like  heavy-duty transport and some industrial processes. It also has the potential to help balance the energy system by providing a solution for  seasonal storage.Finnish companies should take advantage of this project and come along in order to promote their technologies to the decision makers. 

Companies and sectors benefiting from this opportunity

  • ​Energy, Heavy Contructions, Maritime, Offshore, Ptx Green hydrogen solutions, Wind, large infrastructure companies.
  • Solutions or products needed
  • Interconnectors, AC-converter stations, DC-Breakers, DC-Multi Terminals, Sea cable, Smart grid solutions i.e. grid forecasting below 15min intervals, Interconnectors.
  • HVAC + HVDC experience
  • Special vessels O&M, Martime foundation work, Oilrig manufacturers, maritime corrosion preventions


Team Finland activities available for Finnish companies

​There is the business delegation planned for Q1-2021 and/or Virtual delegation. Exact date will follow in January 2021.

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