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Morocco: Roadmap for digital development

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In December 2019, the Moroccan Agency of Digital Development (ADD) approved a proposal for the digitalization of Morocco. The proposal maps the digital roadmap for the next five years and continues the actions taken by ADD in the past decade.

A EUR 470 million national program has been put in place with the aim of transforming Morocco into the digital hub of Africa.

There are several Moroccan sectors that are developing digitalization strategies. This will create demand for Finnish technology.

ADD has identified the challenges of the past and defined the key focus areas.

ADD's 2025 goals:

  • Inclusive society through digitalization.
  • Digital administration platforms for citizens and businesses.
  • Digital and innovative ecosystems for a competitive economy.

The challenges faced during the last decade:

  • Absence of an integrated vision of digital transformation.
  • Regulatory barriers preventing the effective management and/or implementation of large-scale digital platforms.
  • Digital disparities between the connected populations of large cities and communities in rural areas, landlocked areas or secondary cities. The disparities are mainly due to the insufficiency or slowness of connectivity; the cost of connection; the absence of relevant content in local languages. There is demand for Finnish know-how in providing solutions to solve these problems. 
  • Lack of specialized digital professions.
  • Limited culture of digital use among citizens, businesses and public administrations.

Based on the previous observations, ADD defines three main challenges for digital development in Morocco

  1. How to improve the quality of public services. 
  2. How to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the national economy.
  3. How to reduce social inequalities.

ADD proposes that the Moroccan Government intervenes in four key areas:

  1. Global interoperability framework for effective administration (e.g. shared cloud, shared services, data storage) and fundamental prerequisites (e.g. unique identifiers, electronic signatures).
  2. Innovation laboratory that will accelerate the digital transformation of public services and ensure a structured approach for the digitalization of Morocco.
  3. End-to-end digitalization of public services.
  4. Startup web of 2.500 startups by 2025 in order to make Morocco a digital and technology hub at the African level.
Doing business in Morocco

Besides its geo-strategic location and its macro-economic stability, Morocco has great potential to compete with leading economies in the digital sector. Morocco is currently committed to technological development. Therefore, it is an ideal time to seize the opportunity for investment. The main industries that are focused on digitalization are manufacturing, financial/insurance, legal services, accounting and government agencies.

Latest news related to digitalization in Morocco

  • The City of Rabat (capital) obtained a EUR 562 million loan from the World Bank in February 2019 to support digital transformation of the economy. The support came within the framework of a broader partnership between Morocco and the World Bank, which seeks to harness the potential of digital technologies to enhance entrepreneurship, productivity and e-government initiatives to drive innovation and comprehensive development.
  • New fields of interest in Morocco: 5G, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big Data.
  • Startup Hub dedicated to improving quality of life (e.g. education and health). The main objective of the hub is to process requests for the “Young Innovative Company (JEI) in New Technologies” in order to obtain international payment cards from the Office of Changes 1. Thus, the beneficiary JEIs, will have the possibility to pay in foreign currency for imported services related to their activities and relating to IT, telecommunications and information services, up to EUR 50.000 per year.
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Ministry of Industry, Green Economy and Digitalization:

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