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Opportunities in situational awareness solutions

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Program Manager

Markus Ranne

+358 40 343 3453
Dynamic expansions in scale and enhancements to ways of working across most sectors is driving demand for improved situational awareness. In addition to the more typical military applications, real-time situational awareness capabilities empowered by advances in satellite and UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) technologies is enabling stakeholders to make tactical and strategic decisions delivering efficient operations across industries and non-military functions of society.

Business Finland aims to strengthen Finland's position as an exporter of innovative products, solutions and services for the future markets. In order to support our customers in their business decisions, Business Finland's New Space Economy program and Future Watch service have commissioned the following market study on market development in situational awareness systems for non-military applications in selected markets.

The study collects together use cases for situational awareness capabilities and prioritizes these in context of user perception and readiness, availability and accessibility of technology, ease and likelihood of adoption, as well as regulations and competing substitutes. Finally it analyzes the relevance of assessed use cases to United States, Germany and Japan. The application areas discussed cover, amongst other, ecology and environment, disaster management, logistics and transport as well as critical infrastructure management.

Please see the summary presentation below. For the full report, please contact Markus Ranne from Business Finland.