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Digital transformation is gaining speed in Swiss healthcare

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Sanna Sipilä-Axnix

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The covid19 pandemic has demonstrated the need to develop the Swiss digital health environment further. Compared to other European countries, Switzerland spends the highest share of GDP (over 12%) on healthcare. The Swiss health system is under cost pressure. E-Health services are now a part of the health care system and cover a wide range of applications, such as the electronic health insurance card, the health record and an overview of medications, plus telemedicine.




All companies offering solutions to following challenges in Swiss health system according the Federal Council:

  •  rising health costs
  •  an increase in non-communicable diseases shortages of qualified health professionals;
  • a lack of transparency, e.g. concerning costs and service quality;
  • social inequalities, unless they are mitigated; and
  •  digitalization, where limited progress has been made within the Swiss health system so far




  • Telemedicine solutions
  • Personalized medicine
  • Home and Elderly care
  • Patient flow management
  • Tracking (both devices and persons)
  • Communication tools
  • Solutions for data processing and analysis



Business Finland and Team Finland know the local value network and are able to support companies by linking them to the different value network players. The Finnish companies can receive market information and support in finding suitable cooperation partners. With their knowledge of the market, local advisors are able to advise and connect Finnish companies with relevant players in the value chain.

Swiss eHealth overview document - made in November 2020 – available upon contact.

Upcoming event: Swiss Medtech Day on 8.9.2021.

Finland Guest Country participation and virtual 1to1 meetings on 9.-15.9.2021 for Finnish companies. There is an opportunity to meet Swiss participants from Medtech industry, distributors and public and private health providers.


Business Finland funding services

E.g. Explorer funding such as Market Explorer for acquiring knowledge for international market entry, Group Explorer for joint SME export opportunities or Exhibition Explorer to participate in trade fairs in Switzerland.

For more information on the availability of materials, the event in September and additional market information, please contact Sanna Sipilä-Axnix.



Medical technology sector has interest in Finnish expertise

The medical technology sector is one of the most innovative industries in Switzerland. According to yearly Medtech sector study top trends in medical technology were identified. Digitalization plays a central role here as it enables and facilitates new applications and usages for processes, products, or services. Top trends for Swiss health service providers are addressing data acquisition, smart devices and data processing. The most relevant trends for suppliers are manufacturing processes and data acquisition.

In Switzerland, the total 2019 revenues of all companies active in the medtech industry (manufacturers, suppliers, trade & distribution, and service providers) is estimated at CHF 17.9 billion. The revenue increases in 2018 and 2019 amounted to 6.5% each year. In 2019, the Swiss medtech industry imported products worth CHF 5.9 billion. This represents a growth of 4.1% p.a.

Over one third of Swiss exports come from the pharma and life science industry. Switzerland has established itself as a leading innovation hub within Europe. Big Swiss pharma companies are looking for companies with new innovative technologies in digital sector. According to Pharma Industry Review the pharma industry is focusing more on big data analysis, in areas such as optimizing manufacturing processed and clinical trial management.