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Emerging District Energy Opportunities for Finnish Companies in Ireland

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Janna Mure

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Commitment of the Irish government to reduce greenhouse emissions and move to a climate neutral economy by 2050 will spur investment into sustainable technologies. One important sector in achieving the goal is energy and its subsidiary, heating. District heating schemes allow the energy to be used more efficiently and are a major part of the green transition as they link housing, energy consumption and waste heat. District heating rollout in Ireland is only starting. Currently, district heating accounts for less than 1 % of heating, but there is commitment to develop it further in the coming years. There is already a €500 million Climate Action Fund allocated by the Government for projects focusing on renewable solutions and more efficient heating for the years 2020–2027. The EU funding allocated to Ireland through the Recovery and Resilience Facility may add to it in the future.

A policy framework for larger implementation of district heating technology in Ireland is being drafted based on the results of a public consultation process carried out in 2020. The policy framework is due to be published in Q2 2021. The policy framework will focus on linking the research to development, increasing the regulation of the market in order to protect both consumers and developers, enabling planning of buildings and districts to incorporate district heating systems and attaining long term funding.

There are two local district heating projects in Dublin that will be used to benchmark further district energy development in Ireland. The first operational pilot project in Tallaght, Co Dublin utilises the waste heat from an Amazon data centre. The district heating technology in the project is provided by a Finnish company, which means Finnish companies may have a competitive advantage in future district heating projects.

The first district heating pilot projects are in Dublin, but there are plans to expand district heating development to other densely populated urban areas. Main locations to further develop district heating are the biggest cities in Ireland. Currently, the two district heating schemes in Dublin have a combined government funding of €25 million, but there is more funding being considered for a larger district heating rollout in Dublin.

Companies and sectors benefiting from this opportunity

The investment into district heating and related operations creates business opportunities for Finnish companies operating in

  • Renewable energy
  • Heat pumps
  • Network management, IoT monitoring
  • Design and installation of pipes
  • Heat insulation companies
  • Maintenance of the district heating pipes and other equipment
  • Education of skilled workers
  • Engineering


Team Finland activities available for Finnish companies

Team Finland Ireland is working actively on this opportunity and has excellent knowledge of the market as well as local networks and contacts to ease market entry. The team will organize a workshop for Finnish companies and key industry stakeholders in the near future.



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