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Before the Metaverse – How the Real “Extended Reality" is driving growth opportunities?

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Senior Advisor

Jani Jokitalo

+358 (0) 50 354 4344
A lot of hype is involved in the media discussion about extended reality (XR) and especially on Metaverse. Both evolving start-up ecosystem and government initiatives are driving the XR market growth. The events and seminars around Metaverse are popping up all around the globe, and investors are awake.

The business applications areas are still in early stage and maturing, so now is a good moment to understand the position Finnish businesses are in.

Growing applications for extended reality technologies continue to push technology advancement. These include: virtual workplaces, digital campaigns, marketing activities, VR-based therapies, and many others. What is there to understand about the current state of the play? What applications are emerging?

To provide market insights and highlight emerging opportunities for co-operation for Finnish players in the XR landscape, Business Finland commissioned a Future Watch analysis which focuses on the landscape for Extended Reality (XR) and recent development trends. The study assesses XR value chain and its key stakeholders and identifies potential opportunity areas. The following document summarizes the results of the full study Before the MetaVerse - How the Real ‘Extended Reality’ Is Driving Growth Opportunities. 

Full report can be accessed on request jani.jokitalo (at)

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