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German Hospital Future Fund – hospitals are starting the implementation of digitalization projects

Hospital-Future-Act digitalisation-of-healthcare Health-and-wellbeing Germany RRF
Senior Advisor

Sanna Sipilä-Axnix

+43 664 9693 213
German Federal Ministry of Health is taking significant measures to increase the grade of digitalization in the German healthcare system. During the Covid-19 pandemic the importance and need of digital health and modern digital systems became even more obvious than before. Now the German Federal Government will invest directly in the digital future of German hospitals.

With the help of the €3 billion Hospital Future Fund, as part of German RRF funding, the investments are channeled to a better digital infrastructure, modern emergency capacities and information security of hospitals. The fund is set up by the Bundesamt für Soziale Sicherung (BAS). Until 31 December 2021, the federal states were able to submit applications to the BAS for funding of corresponding projects in the hospital authorities. A total of 6076 applications with a funding volume of 3.042 billion euros were submitted to the BAS. So far, 272 million euros in funding have been approved.

Companies and sectors beneting from this opportunity 

  • Health technology solutions
  • Digital health solutions

Solutions or products needed 

  • Emergency room technology
  • Patient portals
  • Digital documentation and decision support systems
  • Medication management
  • Hospital intern communication
  • Cloud-Computing
  • Bed supply verification system
  • Telemedical networks
  • Information / data security
  • Pandemic patient room solutions

Team Finland activities avaialble for Finnish companies 

  • Business Finland market specific advice
  • Report about status of Hospital Future Funding – available for Finnish companies
  • Presentation of the status of the Hospital Future Funding project – online webinar to discuss the Future Hospital Funding status
  • DMEA 2022 Trade Mission to Berlin, 26.-27.4.2022 to meet the relevant health IT stakeholders and collaboration partners in Germany (more information will follow).

More information: Sanna Sipilä-Axnix, sanna.sipila-axnix (at)

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The German Bundestag approved the new Hospital Future Act (Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz) on September 18th 2020 which is after the Digital Healthcare Act (Digitale-Versorgungs-Gesetz) another significant step towards implementing the digital change into the German healthcare system. With this new Hospital Future Act the German Federal Government will invest around 3 billion € into the German hospitals to foster their digital infrastructures. In addition, the Federal States will invest an extra 1.3 billion €. This means in total 4.3 billion € investments for German hospitals in order to improve their digital capabilities is expect by 2024. The online magazine “Krankenhaus-IT” has published a list of German companies offering the needed digital solutions for the hospitals KHZG Marktübersicht.