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Indonesia's New Capital City project offers possibilities for sustainable infrastructure, smart city and connectivity companies

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Nina Jacoby

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Indonesia has decided to build a new city for its capital in the island of Kalimantan (Borneo). The concept of the new environmentally friendly capital city, requires sustainability across all dimensions, ranging from use of sustainable construction methods, to energy efficient design and renewable energy usage in the construction as well as public transportation system. The Capital will be also citizen friendly, data driven and well-connected city. The motto is: World class city for all.

There is a master plan of the City – Nusantara – in place and more detailed planning is on it's way. Some basic infra construction has started and the project got accelerated on January 18th when the bill of New Capital passed at the parliament. The construction is to start with main governmental buildings and basic infra at 2022. First offices are due to move already in 2024.

The estimated cost of the government part of the City is 32 bl. USD and it is planned to be financed mainly by private investors and PPP agreements.

This is strategically and critically important project for the Indonesian government. It will require world-class solutions as service requirements and quality are expected to be high. Finnish companies should cooperate and jointly market their solutions in order to get themselves to the attention of planners. ​

Companies and sectors that benefit from this opportunity are:

  • Smart energy: renewable energy generation, smart grid and renewables
  • Smart buildings: eco-friendly smart technologies and utilities, sustainable materials, low energy consumption solutions, data in built environment, digital twin solutions
  • Water and waste solutions: integrated w2e plants, solid waste management, recycling and circular economy solutions
  • Smart transportation system development incl. electric transportation
  • Data handling and communication network: management of public data, data security, wireless communications

Roadmap for Finnish companies – how to grab the opportunity?

Business Finland is actively working with Finnish companies to create a common offering package and narrative and promote the Finnish offering together. Very important thing will be to make sure that the companies have local networks for actual sales process in place.

Practical steps and events for companies are:

  • How to do business in Indonesia webinar by Finnish-South East Asia business Association 2.2.
  • Info-session of the New Capital City 8.2.
  • Business delegation (TBC) in the beginning of March 2022

If you interested and offering of your company fits the needs – please be in touch with Nina Jacoby in Business Finland in Jakarta to learn more details.