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Italian healthcare system in major transition – opportunities for Finnish companies

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Counsellor, Trade & Investment

Silva Paananen

+39 337163 1726
The ongoing digital revolution is transforming the entire Italian healthcare system. The process will have an impact not only on healthcare, but the entire sector of Life Sciences, including R&D, pharma industry, supply chains and business models. There are several drivers: one is definitely the Covid19 pandemic, which hit Italy hard in 2020. Another driver is the significant Recovery fund allocation. The National Recovery and Resilience plan has 1.18 billion EUR for replacement of obsolete medical equipment and 1.45 billion EUR for modernization and digitalization of the sector.


Companies and sectors benefiting from this opportunity

  • hospital design and construction including software solutions for hospitals
  • medical device manufacturers
  • companies providing solutions for digitalisation of health care, but should be presented rather as joint offering as single solutions do not fly easily (telemedicine, solutions enabling self-care etc.)

Solutions or products needed

  • ​Finnish contribution for re-thinking hospitals (sustainability at hospital, hospitals as healing spaces, special solutions like air quality and integrated digital solutions and services)
  • Digitalising the entire service chain of health care from preventive care onwards
  • Re-thinking of supply chain, sourcing, subcontracting, co-designing in medical devices and manufacturing altogether​

Team Finland activities available for Finnish companies

​Team Finland Italy has created a roadmap for 2022 consisting of offline and online encounters. The Finnish health clusters are in the frontline bringing their companies and research organisations to the game. We have identified in Italy regional Health clusters and industry associations to help in the matchmaking.  

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The good performance during covid pandemic of many medical and pharma companies had led into a great emphasis on R&D investments, changes in the offer and in the operating models adopted by the companies. The sector will develop new business dynamics such as out-of-hospital clinics, in-home help, telemedicine and wider use of digital channels. There is also an increase in demand for prevention systems, diagnosis and treatment of future epidemics, as well as an increasing offer of private hospitals and diagnostic centers.

R&D&I collaborations are also an opportunity. There is need to deploy AI, machine learning and natural language processing to speed up processes and setting up clinical trial platforms for data sharing and remote monitoring of patients in trial phases. Italian regions have invested in health clusters and innovation ecosystems, where Finnish expertise would well fit in.