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Opportunities for smart grid solutions providers In Indonesia

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Senior Advisor

Harry Dhavilla

+62 81 5929 6088
There is a rapid development if smart grids building in Indonesia expected. Country's smart grid plan objectives include four elements as follows: first: to provide energy efficiency solution to improve non-technical losses and client side demand information integration through two-ways metering infrastructure. Second: to provide service reliability solution to prevent or reduce black-out and minimize feeder outage and to improve accessibility to the network (real-time monitoring).Third: to provide better access & lower CO2 emission (Productivity Solution) to increase participation of renewable energy, especially the smaller or isolated islands. And fourth: to combine and integrate renewable energy or distributed generation into the grid.

The central government via the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as regulator of energy supply has been positive about smart grids and have opened the doors for companies that could offer innovative smart grid solutions. The government intends to spend 1.7 billion USD to develop smart grids in the period of 2021 to 2025 and estimated 3.5 billion USD to develop smart grids in the long term beyond 2025.

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources have pledged to build 25 smart grids by 2025 by building on average 5 smart grids each year.

As a continuation of efforts that Business Finland did in 2021 toward Smart Cities, in 2022 we would like to go even deeper into the sector by working closely with other local companies & stakeholders, such as state-owned companies, municipalities owned companies and local companies who will implement the strategic planning from Indonesia Central Government. We also have updated our recent study in Smart Grid sector, specifically and would like to offer this opportunity for Finnish companies. The opportunity is very sustainably driven – our smart grid technology will be able to create energy efficiency and to increase renewable energy mix in Indonesia.

Companies benefiting from the opportunity

Offering that the local buyers are looking for is related to smart grids and energy supply flexibility solutions.

Activities planned:

The planned actions include Business Delegation visit to Indonesia in March 2022 and also B2Bs matchmaking.

Companies that are interested to hear more about the activities should contact Senior Advisor Harry Dhavilla, harry.dhavilla (at)