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Plastic Recycling Business Opportunities in Ghana & Nigeria

Plastic Recycling
Trade Commissioner

Olu Raheem

+234 803 198 9181
Plastic recycling has presented a huge problem in many African countries. Different organizations from multinationals, NGOs to government agencies have put solving of this problem as one of their top priorities when it comes to circular economy activities. Based on studies carried out by Business Finland, there are several opportunities for Finnish companies in this sector

Ghana and Nigeria have been some of the fast growing economies on a global scale in the last 15 years. Both of these countries also have a young and growing population. There has been distinctive concentration of population into the urban cities. This has introduced a lot of new challenges. The amount of waste has grown exponentially in the cities and a lot of this waste has been in the form of plastics. We looked into the problem deeper by conducted short studies on plastic recycling both for Ghana and Nigeria. The study was also able to identify business opportunities for Finnish companies in this sector.

Target Sectors

  • Plastic recycling
  • Waste management

Solutions or Products Needed by Customer

There is need for different kind of solutions for collection, sorting to processing of plastic waste.

Team Finland Activities Available for Finnish Companies

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