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Premium Food and Beverage Products for the Super Yacht Industry

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Oonagh Allas-Murphy

+33 7 62 06 75 96.
Either used exclusively by their owners, available part-time for commercial charter, or operated all year round as charter businesses, Superyachts characterize all luxury motor or sailing yachts with a professional crew and a load line length of 24 meters and above. Over the last ten years, this premium industry has more than doubled with over 11 000 yachts in service and over 150 000 personnel worldwide.

Following a year defined by unprecedented restrictions on long-distance travel, the superyacht industry rapidly met the need for escapism by becoming an excellent alternative for luxury holidays. Yacht charters have managed to retain its existing clientele and conquer new markets by incorporating greater autonomy, ensuring clean environments for their guests, and minimizing the need to frequent public areas.

In addition to a skilled professional crew, a high level of customer service and an exciting entertainment selection, the offering in food and beverages can make a significant difference to the success of the superyacht experience. The key is sourcing high-end products from around the world all while paying attention to the guests' diet requirements.

Companies and sectors benefittng from this opportunity

  • Finnish premium food and beverage companies

Solutions or products needed​

  • Plant-based products: dairy and meat alternatives
  • Free-from: gluten-free/ lactose-free
  • Organic products
  • Health and well-being products
  • Long shelf life products
  • Beverages

Business Finland activities available for Finnish companies​​

Super yachting sector is global in nature and Food from Finland will organize following activities for Finnish companies: 

Upcoming events:

  • Super Yacht Foodie Program: Introduction and promotion of Finnish companies to superyacht chefs and to provisioning companies. A strong focus will be given to digital marketing channels and selected live events.

Past events:

  • Webinar: Superyacht industry insights, trends and opportunities in Europe
  • 6 month SuperYacht Foodie 2021 program

Other services available

  • Business Finland internationalization advice and coaching

Business Finland has Global Network employees in France. With their knowledge of the market, they are able to advise and connect Finnish companies with relevant players in the value chain.

  • Business Finland funding services

E.g. Explorer funding such as Market Explorer for acquiring knowledge for international market entry, Group Explorer for joint SME export opportunities or Exhibition Explorer to participate in a trade fair. Find out more.

Are you interested in seizing this opportunity?

Please contact our advisor in France:

Oonagh Allas-Murphy
+33 7 62 06 75 96