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American shipyards' high demand creates business opportunities

Senior Advisor

Ulla Lainio

+358 40 343 3357
American shipyards have never in the history had such strong order books. Naval shipyards have orders for the next 10 years. Commercial shipbuilding is growing in offshore wind vessels and passenger ships segments. New Ice-breaker projects are in building or design phase. At the same time the industry is lacking behind schedules in on-going vessel projects. High demand creates business opportunities for Finnish companies.


There is acute shortage of labor combined with slow and in-sufficient domestic supply chains. United States is aiming to raise to a new level in shipbuilding, repair and quality. United States is aiming to make a total turnaround of the industry, a fundamental change. In order to fulfil the projects and meet the schedules, United States is seeking collaboration and partnership with the European industry and SME sector. This offers an opportunity for Finnish marine industry at the American shipyards, in their supply chains or with their primes. United States' marine sector also offers collaboration opportunities in new technology, additive manufacturing, automation, robotics, AI and data analytics.

Target Sectors

Shipbuilding, ship repair, shipyard manufacturing machinery including welding and machining, shipyard and port cranes and load handling equipment.

Solutions or Products Needed by Customer

Opportunity for Finland includes ship design, consultancy, shipyard equipment: automation, welding, machining, cranes; ship propulsion, power systems, ship systems, turn key deliveries; research collaboration in new innovations relating to technology, additive manufacturing, automation and robotics, AI, cyber and data analytics.

TF Activities Available for Finnish Companies

BF will organize a shipyard tour on 11-20 June 2023 to visit the shipyards and present the offering to the buyers.  During the shipyard tour, a meeting in WAS DC with US Coast Guard, Navy and ONR will be arranged. Please contact us for more information.