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Austrian digitalization – health technology opportunities for Finnish solutions

Senior Advisor

Sanna Sipilä-Axnix

+43 664 9693 213
Austrian efforts to enhance nationwide digitalization development supports digitalization also in healthcare sector. Finland is noted in Austria as a number one in European DESI Index. Austria is in 10. place and the target is to achieve better placement in coming few years.

In a comparison of German-speaking countries, Austria performs better than Germany and Switzerland when it comes to the use of digital technologies in healthcare. Austria has already an electronic health record in use, the implementation started in December 2015 in public hospitals and in some care facilities. ELGA is available to all persons who are cared for in the Austrian health care system. ELGA makes it easier for patients and authorized ELGA health service providers – i.e. treating physicians, hospitals, care facilities and pharmacies – to access certain health data.

The interest to know more about Finnish system and solutions has grown in Austria in last two years, as many Austrian groups of health professionals have visited Finland. Digitization is getting more and more into the focus in the healthcare system due several reasons – demographic change, competition, increasing mobility and the depopulation of rural areas, shortage of health professionals, need for improvement of in- and outpatient treatment.

Target Sectors

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Digital health

Solutions or Products Needed by Customer

  • Telemedicine solutions
  • Products and solutions for elderly care
  • Patient flow management
  • Cost and time effective solutions
  • Tracking (both devices and persons)
  • Communication tools
  • Mobile health solutions improving outpatient care

TF Activities Available for Finnish Companies

  • Business Finland market specific advice
  • Matchmaking event in Vienna, Austria, Autumn 2023
  • Healthtech Export Day 23.8.2023

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