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Business opportunities in the French Industry 4.0 market

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Counsellor, Trade and Investment, Embassy of Finland, Paris

Henriikka Yliheljo

+33 763 331 757
France is currently investing significantly in the digitalization of industry. The country's ambitious €100 billion recovery package directs important investments towards relocating and strengthening of industry, and digital technologies such as IoT, smart automation, 5G, artificial intelligence and XR are seen as important means to increase the competitiveness of French manufacturing industries.

France is the second largest economy in the EU and represents an important export potential for Finnish companies. French manufacturing industries generate an annual turnover of over €1000 billion and invest over €23 billion in R&D annually. France is a major influencer of the EU, home to major global corporates in several sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, electronics, as well as food and life sciences.

Since the launch of the national recovery plan, several hundred industrial relocation and expansion projects have been announced in France. With close to 460 industrial projects announced in 2022, France remains the #1 European foreign direct investment destination in industry.

To whom is this opportunity for?

Finnish providers of Industry 4.0 solutions and technologies, e.g. for industrial automation, connectivity, process control and optimization, predictive maintenance, remote maintenance and operations, etc.

Solutions or Products Needed by Customer

  • Data analytics and AI solutions
  • VR/AR/XR
  • IoT and connectivity solutions
  • Simulation and data visualization
  • Digital twin
  • Automation systems and machinery
  • Robots, cobots and mobile robots (AGV & AMR)
  • Digital solutions for front line workers
  • Other solutions from the industry 4.0 field

TF Services and Activities Available for Finnish Companies

  1. Team Finland internationalization advice and networks
    Team Finland has local employees and advisory partners covering the French market. With their knowledge of the market, they are able to advise and connect Finnish companies with relevant players in the value chain.

  2. Report on French manufacturing industries and Industry 4.0 business opportunities
    Contact us to get access to the report.

  3. Delegation visit to SIDO Lyon, 18-19 September, 2024 (TBC)
    SIDO Lyon is a leading conference and trade fair gathering French and international IoT, AI, XR and Robotics ecosystems.