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Swedish real estate companies looking for environmental friendly interior building products in local adaptations

Low carbon building materials

Anna Öberg

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As much as 55 %, of the emissions in the building- and real-estate sector is generated by property management including renovation, retrofitting and local adaptations. Commitment to the Paris agreement, national targets as well as demand from the tenants and investors makes it imperative for Swedish commercial real-estate companies to find new solutions to lower the emissions and environmental impact of local adaptation and retrofitting. The companies are now eagerly looking for sustainable materials and environmentally friendly solutions for renovations and local adaptations.

Renovation of the Swedish building stock is needed. There is a lack of information as to the distribution by year of commercial buildings, but it is possible to infer that it would follow a similar pattern as houses and apartment buildings, where the majority are built before the 1990s.

There is a large potential for renovating the building stock in Sweden, as the vast majority have not been renovated yet. Given that buildings account for ca 40% of total emissions there will be increasing focus on existing buildings to reduce their environmental impact.

Target Sectors

Sustainable building and finishing materials

Solutions or Products Needed by Customer

A Swedish real estate company with office premises in their portfolio are therefore now eagerly looking for sustainable materials and environmentally friendly solutions for adaptation of premises. This may include circular economy based products and services, bio-based products, up-cycled products or products based on recycled materials etc. The scope ranges from interior products such as lighting, carpets etc. to building products such as boards, rails etc.

TF Activities Available for Finnish Companies

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