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Indonesian project seeks Waste-to-energy solutions

A city in Indonesia’s Banten province is seeking waste-to-energy solutions for an upcoming project.
The city is planning a waste-to-energy plant project that covers the planning, development, operation, waste handling method and maintenance of the W2E plant and final dump area. The project is a Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) type of project that will be carried out over a period of 25 years.
By reducing the incoming waste stream with at least, 85 % the city’s project should guarantee that the existing waste dump area will not spill over or get larger than when it started. Furthermore, the project should be able to produce electricity.
The city is now seeking partners who could help with carrying out the project. The request includes for example:
  • Waste-to-energy technologies based on thermal processes (combustion and incineration) and bio digestion (biogas).
  • MSW handling and processing systems.
  • PMU’s.
  • Smart grid solutions.
Municipal solid waste (MSW) handling is in urgent need of improvement in many cities in Indonesia. The government of Indonesia therefore considers it necessary to accelerate the construction of waste processing into electricity-based environmental friendly technology at certain provincial and municipal areas.
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