Business opportunity
Market area:

Industrial Internet keeps on growing in the UK

In 2018 the business opportunity for suppliers of digital technology and services to the UK market remains as strong as ever. Although change is driven by social imperative and government policy - it is enabled by technology. The UK technology ecosystem is receiving unprecedented levels of government support.

The most notable trends in the UK are:

•    Renewable and alternative energy. 2017 was the first year that low-carbon resources met most of the nation’s power needs.
•    Increased focus on electric vehicles and battery storage technology, accompanied by a gradual phasing out of petrol and diesel cars).
•    Commitment by the UK government to developments in Artificial Intelligence - making the UK ‘the best place in the world for businesses developing and deploying AI and Robotics’.
•    Strengthening the UK’s digital infrastructure, including 5G.
•    Digital transformation.

Seizing the opportunity

To meet the challenge, Team Finland’s Industrial Internet Program will arrange a trade mission to the UK in May 2018. The trade mission will be open to six selected Finnish companies. The selected companies will meet prospective UK customers and sales partners from key target sectors such as manufacturing, automotive and energy.

The trade mission will match the Finnish companies’ offerings with the UK customers’ needs thus speeding up the process and encouraging in-depth discussions during the meetings.

During the visit, business delegates will have an opportunity to attend business meetings, which Team Finland will organize with its local trade center and local growth program's expert consultant Mr. Mark Dodsworth and his Team.

Mark will have face-to-face or Skype meetings with all the companies participating in the trade mission. The meeting’s goal is to understand your company’s mission, product/service offering and ambitions in the UK market. Based on the meetings Mark will start working on the trade mission targets and program.
Services for the participants:
•    Meetings with targeted UK customers
•    Networking opportunities
•    Background information on the UK
•    Bridging activities prior to the trade mission

For more information on the visit, please contact:

Mr. Reijo Smolander, Program Director, Mob: +358 40 5048 317
Ms. Tiia Orjasniemi, Program Coordinator, Mob. +358 50 3021 308
Mr. Perry Le Dain, Senior Advisor, UK Trade Center, Mob. +44 7867 781 237






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