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Innovative solutions for the US maritime industry

There is a growing interest in innovative solutions and future technologies in the US maritime industry.

Shipping interests exist in an increasingly complex environment and are impacted by new problems on a daily basis. The dynamics between shippers, ports, trucking companies, insurers, financial institutions and the technology community are coming together to require better integrated solutions, which address current and future problems for the maritime industry. Technologies in both the digital and physical spheres that address current and future problems are now sought. In Finland, there are competitive ICT solution and technology providers that could address some of the needs in the industry.

The US shipping ecosystem is tied to a global network of companies that must collaborate to ensure the quality, security and timeliness of items being shipped. The market is very large and will continue to grow.

The Maritime Global Technologies Innovation Center (MCTIC) at the Maritime College in New York City has engaged with EEX in Helsinki, to serve as a neutral ground for entrepreneurs and the maritime ecosystem. It seeks to spur development and serves as a bridge between tech industry, maritime, logistics and finance communities to connect startups with maritime interests globally. The goal is to develop innovative solutions that address current and future problems for the maritime industry.

MCTIC is now seeking proposals to address a number of issues that were raised by various industry representatives at the event. Proposals designed to address the topics below are especially sought, but other ideas will be considered as well. The topics include:

  • The need for a user-friendly general UI for data analysis and; a blockchain solution that will focus on core areas that increase profitability, reduce operating costs, provide operational efficiency and data integrity and comply with regulations.
  • A cybersecurity solution for the maritime industry that would provide a dashboard for shore-side and onboard personnel to understand if there are any issues that need attention, assessment or remediation.
  • Creation of a technology that provides visibility of a terminal's real-time inventory to the trucking/shipper community, matches shipper needs with top box inventory real time at the terminal and allows truckers to immediately act on freight status and deploy to the terminal.
  • An effective solution to provide visibility in trade
  • Real-time supply chain data on a cargo-owner level determining accumulation from an insurer standpoint and tools to analyze and demonstrate the ROI for security.
  • Given ELD (Electronic Logging Devices) mandates, how might modification of Driver downtime help increase productivity? How can we increase capacity and decrease transit time?
  • How can a carrier differentiate itself within the current shipping alliance structure?

The collaboration between MGTIC and EEX is ongoing. The market demand is large, and innovative solutions are needed to contribute for the future developments in the maritime community.

Finnish companies offering suitable solutions can send their proposals by 12.4.2018. Please provide a brief and clear proposal, which includes at least the following: Overview, "How it works?", Business model and value proposition, Customer segments, Revenue streams, Conclusion.

For more information, please contact:

Saara Annola

Program Coordinator, Global Opportunity Leader
Phone: +358 50 465 8184


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