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Japanese Endpoint Detection & Response solution company is looking for Finnish partners to complement product functionality

A Japanese EDR solution company (FFRI) seeks Finnish security solution partners to complement its packaged endpoint security solutions.


FFRI wishes to integrate its EDR solution with third party Finnish security solution providers in order to enhance the functionality of its EDR portfolio as well as strategically sharing sales channels with its international partners.
FFRI is considering establishing a business entity in Finland in order to provide technical support for its partner companies and their customers.
FFRI’s solution monitors the behavior of each endpoint device and prevents the endpoint device from taking hazardous actions when abnormal behavior is observed. This method detects malware before the malware is recognized by anti-virus solutions. It also coexists and complements traditional anti-virus solutions. FFRI’s approach is the latest trend in the security solution industry. FFRI’s competitors are Cylance and Palo Alto Networks.
EDR is a solution for endpoint devices, consequently there is synergy with the following security related solutions: anti-virus, asset management system, security managed service. FFRI is seeking partners who develop and provide these solutions in Finland since they know Finnish companies are among the most advanced in the cyber security business.
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