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Joyway Senior Care Service is looking for senior care services

Joyway Senior Care Service Center was established in 2010, targeted at senior people by providing home care services, day care services, institutional long-term care, intelligent distance care, brand and operation management output and other services sector. Currently, Joyway has 4 care service centers where social medical insurance can be used.

Joyway provides different solutions for senior people:

  1. Elderly Care Services + Elderly Care Homes (SME)
    a) the pension team training
    b) operation and management training and output ยจ
  2. Healthy Living Center + day care center + nursing station (medical qualification)
  3. Government procurement projects + government directed funds projects
    a) daily life care
    b) medical care and health care.
    c) social activities and spiritual comfort
  4. Medical support integration wisdom of the pension platform + professional operations management team Finland is strong at elderly care services, could be help to offer various related services and products.

This is an opportunity for Finnish companies that operate in this area. If you are interested, please contact.

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